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Could a Courthouse Shooting Happen in Indianapolis?

March 12, 2005
March 12, 2005

Many people around the country are wondering if a courthouse shooting, like the one in Atlanta, could happen in their town.

John Kautzman, President of the Indianapolis Bar Association, says it could happen here.

"I think it is a risk all across the country. The judiciary and law enforcement officials do the best they can with very crowded criminal justice systems but I think you always have to be mindful of the risks that are presented every day to the judges and the law enforcement officers," he says.

Kautzman feels that a more modern facility where circulation takes place on different levels would lower the risk.

Meanwhile, hundreds of officers are on the hunt for a man who killed a judge and two others Friday in Atlanta.

They're not sure what kind of vehicle he may be driving. Police had thought he was driving a car he stole from a reporter, but they now say it appears he never left the parking garage in that car.

Authorities now say they're reviewing surveillance tapes "to see what leads we can develop from that."

Police identify the suspect as Brian Nichols. They say he overpowered a guard as he was being led to court for his rape trial and then killed three people before escaping.