December 4, 2002 Indianapolis Star

Lawyers groups lobby for new court building

December 4, 2002
The Marion County City-County Building is not fit for the purpose for which it is being used and is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The structure is bursting at the seams and is ill-adapted for courtrooms that make a mockery of justice.

And they are urging Mayor Bart Peterson and the People from all walks of life are squeezed together in too little space, in less than adequate facilities, and in some cases, in basement makeshift courtrooms with only a single light switch.

The City-County Council commissioned a study in 1991 that recommended a separate justice center to deal with the space and safety problems that existed then and are even worse today. This problem can no longer be pushed to the side; it has been studied and it is past time for a safe and adequate justice center.

Christine Hayes Hickey